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These terms and conditions apply to all contracts between ‘The Artist’ and ‘The Client’ requesting services from ‘The Artist’.



1.1 ‘The Artist(s)’ shall be defined as Karuna & assistants.

1.2 ‘Services’ are the henna, nail, beauty related treatments & custom design services provided by Karuna.

1.3 ‘The Client’ is the individual or company wishing to hire Karuna and/or team for services.

1.4 ‘Booking’ is the appointment which has been made for The Client.



2.1 These terms and conditions apply to the sale of services which will be provided by Karuna and/or any additional artist.

2.2 Karuna reserves the right to amend these terms & conditions without prior notice. The most up to date terms & conditions will be presented on Should the terms & conditions be changed after booking has been secured, Karuna will notify The Client via email.

2.3 All confirmed bookings or orders shall be deemed as acceptance of the terms & conditions presented at the time of booking.



3.1 All bookings & enquiries are taken via email.

3.2 Any quotations, invoices & confirmation of booking will be sent via email & will form a contract between Karuna & The Client.

3.3 Bookings are only confirmed once a security deposit is paid, details of which will be stated in figure 7.

3.4 The service(s) required, date, time & location address of each booking enquiry must be clarified before any quotation or booking is made.

3.5 Any additional service which is made must be clarified in advance & is subject to another deposit.

3.6 No appointment enquiry date is put on hold unless it has been secured via deposit or if it is at Karuna’s discretion.



4.1 A bespoke henna consultation costs £50.00 and lasts up to 2 hours. 

4.1 (a) The fee is non-refundable should The Client:

  • Cancel or reschedules the consultation appointment with less than 2 weeks’ notice.

  • Are late more than 20mins to the appointment, for whatever reason.

  • If your bespoke henna package is under £200.00.

4.1 (b) The fee is redeemable if The Client:

  • Pays the deposit to book the bridal appointment before a consultation is booked in, however once the consultation appointment is booked in, point 4.1 will still apply.

  • Decide to book the bridal appointment within 5 days after your consultation appointment. This means that the deposit amount has to be cleared within these 5 days & the £50.00 is taken towards the final bill.

4.1 (c) In the event that The Client does cancel or reschedule the consultation appointment with less than 2 weeks notice, for whatever reason, the consultation charge will be non refundable/redeemable & The Client will need to pay for another appointment. This is due to genuine loss of income.

4.2 For any other consultation this is charged at £15.00 for a 30min slot.


5.1 The bespoke henna design will be drafted during the 2 hour consultation & will be approved by The Client during the consultation.

5.2 Once the booking has been confirmed via deposit, the design will be drawn in pen and sent to The Client via email.

5.3 If any changes are to be made to the design, this will be chargeable depending on the size of the change.

5.4 Should The Client wish to reduce their bridal henna coverage more than one week after The Client has had their consultation, £120.00 from the original package will be retained by Karuna for the time spent in drafting the bespoke henna design.



6.1 The Client will be responsible for making any allergies or skin conditions aware, prior to henna application.

6.2 The Client is required to fill out a consultation from before any beauty or nail related treatment is carried out on them. Failure to complete the form will result in no treatment being carried out.



7.1 In order for any booking to be confirmed, a deposit of 50% of all services over £100.00 will be payable via cash or BACS (Bankers Automatic Credit Transfer). Should the invoice total be less than £100.00, full payment of the invoice will be required in order for the booking to be confirmed.


8.1 The remainder balance must be paid and cleared via bank transfer, 2 weeks before the booking start date. Failure to clear the final balance of the bill will result in the booking being cancelled & no treatment or service will be carried out by The Artist for The Client. Cash or Cheque is not accepted at all.

8.2 For international bookings, figure 7.1 will apply & remainder payment must be paid in GBP and cleared in full 3 weeks before the booking.


9.1 All mobile bookings will be subject to a call out charge per artist.

9.2 Any mobile bookings outside a 30mile radius from Wembley will be subject to accommodation charge.

9.3 All quotations, invoices and prices are exclusive of parking and congestion charges which must be paid by The Client. Should a parking space be made available, there will be no additional charge for parking.

9.4 There will be a charge of £30.00 per artist if Karuna or any other artists are required to wait up to 30mins before any treatment or service is started, and £5.00 per 5min rounded up, thereafter. There is a grace period of 15mins, however any time waiting past this mark will be charged for.

9.5 Any additional fees occurred by added services or lateness by The Client on the day of booking must be paid in cash or instant bank transfer by The Client before commencement of services. Failure to comply will result in no additional service being carried out.



10.1 Cancellations must be made in writing, via email on

10.2 All deposits are non refundable in any case of cancellation or amendment of services to a lesser value by The Client with less than 6 months notice. If more than 6 months notice is given by The Client, 50% of the deposit will be refunded & 50% is retained by The Artist.

10.3 Should The Client cancel the booking after the consultation has taken place £50.00 will be retained by The Artist due to genuine loss of income.
10.4 Should The Client cancel the booking after the bespoke henna design has been started or finished & sent to The Client, £120.00 will be retained or charged to the client for the time taken to draw out the design.
10.5 If The Artist has paid any costs towards their travel & accommodation made specifically for the booking, this amount will be charged to the client or retained from the original deposit.

10.6 In the event of cancellation by  The Artist, a full refund will be issued to The Client.



11.1 Additions can be made to the invoice by The Client providing The Artist is able to carry out the additional service or arrange it.

11.2 Should The Client amend the invoice to a lesser value, this can be done as long as 6 months notice is given. If less than 6 months notice is given, the original amount of the invoice will still be owed.

11.3 In the event of date change for the first time, a percentage of the deposit may be used for a future appointment up to one year past the original date of the booking, providing The Artist is free for the new date. The percentage of the deposit that can be transferred to a new date are laid out below:

  • Up to 12 months notice: 100% of the deposit moved to new booking

  • Up to 6 months notice: 50% of the deposit moved to new booking, 50% of the deposit is retained by The Artist

  • Up to 3 months: 25% of the deposit is moved to new booking, 75% retained by The Artist

In the event of further date changes once the booking has been moved once already, the percentage of the deposit that can be transferred to a new date are laid out below:

  • Up to 12 months notice: 75% of the deposit moved to new booking, 25% retained by The Artist

  • Up to 6 months notice: 50% of the deposit moved to new booking, 50% of the deposit is retained by The Artist

  • Up to 3 months: 25% of the deposit is moved to new booking, 75% retained by The Artist

11.3 (a)If The Artist is not available for the new booking date, or the new booking date does not fall one year from the original booking date, the point 10 will apply.

11.4 If The Artist has paid any costs towards their travel & accommodation for the booking, this amount will be charged to the client or retained from the original deposit.



12.1 All prices are exclusive of call out, parking, congestion and accommodation charge.

12.2 Karuna reserves the right to amend any pricing without prior notice to The Client, unless the booking has already been confirmed & secured via deposit.



13.1 A relaxed, spacious environment must be provided to carry out any treatment or service. Any booking cannot be carried out in a congested area.

13.1 (a) Bridal henna must be carried out on a one to one basis only, outside the hours of any party or event- no exceptions. Should The Artist arrive & these terms are not met, The Artist is within the right to request to carry out the appointment in full in a separate room away from any disturbances altogether. There is an allowance to have up to two people sitting with The Client to assist with anything The Client needs whilst they are having their henna applied.

13.2 The set up required for any booking must include a table and chairs for each artist and client- no exceptions. 

13.3 The set up required for any booking must not be close to loud speakers & must have good lighting so each artist can see what they are doing- no exceptions.

13.4 There must not be people going in and out of the same room that the henna or nail service is being carried out. The Client must keep disturbances to a bare minimum and present The Artist with an atmosphere and environment that The Artist can concentrate well in.


14.1 All clients must wear a mask during bookings.

14.2 Points 10 & 11 apply in the event of cancellation or amendment o bookings by The Client unless:

  • The government guidelines prevent The Clients event from going ahead. In this case, the deposit paid can be moved to another date in the future as long as it is within a year of the original date & as long as The Artist is free for the new date. This means if the event/appointment is not allowed to be carried out by law & not if The Client does not wish to go ahead with a limited number of guests. 

14.3 All government guidelines must be strictly adhered to. This includes the limit to number of guests at houses- all artists must be accounted for in this number.

14.4 If the latest government guidance is not adhered to on the day of the booking, The Artist is reserves the right to leave the booking & The Client forfeits the amount already paid & is responsible for paying any fines due to the government. 



15.1 In order to fulfil our services, you must provide The Artist with:

Your name, email address, home address, and the details of the services you require

The Artist uses and shares your information with henna and nail assistants from our team, so as to carry out our services.

15.2 The Artist may collect, use, retain, and share your information in good faith that it is reasonably necessary to:

• Respond to legal process or to government requests

• Enforce agreements, terms and policies

• Prevent, investigate, and address fraud and other illegal activity, security, or technical issues

• Protect the rights, property, and safety of customers, or others.

15.3 The Artist retains your personal information only for as long as necessary to provide you with the services. you have booked However, it may also be required to retain this information to comply with any legal and regulatory obligations, to resolve disputes, and to enforce my agreements. Data is kept for 5 years.



16.1 You may have the right to access, change, restrict and delete the personal information that is held about you by contacting The Artist email on  Your personal information will be deleted unless there is irrefutable and legitimate grounds to continue using that information or if it is needed for legal reasons. If you reside in the EU and would like to raise a concern about the use of your information (and without prejudice to any other rights you may have), you have the right to do so with your local data protection authority.

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