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Learn an ancient art

Are you a budding henna artist looking to refine and expand your skills? Or perhaps you have always wanted to give it a try but don’t know where to start. I have 17 years of experience as a self taught artist, with a lot to share. Below are a range of sessions that can help you to dip your toe in the world of henna and continue to swim on through your own henna journey!


3 hours

- Cone rolling

- Paste making

- Small henna kit included


PARTY BASICS: £360.00 

6 hours, split into sessions

If you are completely new to the henna world, this is the perfect package to help you get started.

- Foundation elements (Flowers, Paisleys, Connecting elements)

- Composing a simple henna trail

- How to set your charges

- Small henna kit included


12 hours, split into sessions

For those who have some experience with henna already and want to expand their services to cater for bridal art.

- Basic 'Bridal' elements (Flowers, Leaves, Peacock, Tabla, Shennai)

- Standard fills

- Different coverage options

- Small henna kit included


12 hours, split into sessions

If you already have what it takes to create basic bridal work this session is for you. Why not take your work that one step further?

- Grids

- Advance fills

- Advance layouts

- Borders

- Small henna kit included

Add on's:
Bride & Groom faces: £240.00 (4 hours)

Wraparound: £180.00 (3 hours)

THE FULL WORKS: £1800.00 

40 hours, split into sessions

Book all of the workshops above, including bride & groom faces and wraparound & receive 25% off the total price. 

Sessions are very intense & require at least 3 hours of practice each day. You must be able to commit to putting a lot of time in before considering booking the workshops as progress is assessed every day. It is required to send me photos of your practice each day so I can give you feedback before moving on to the next part of the workshop. 

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