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Acrylic Practice Templates

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I am proud to launch a new range of templates that I have been working on perfecting for nearly three years!

As a henna artist I have known the struggles of wanting to practice and not having any skin to work on. I found the existing templates on the market to be so unrealistic in terms of the shape and size of hands and feet, so I decided to create my own.

The finish I have used will enable you to lay henna down beautifully on this texture as opposed to a shiny finish, there is no ‘spread’. The hand and foot template are thick, so there is less danger of them breaking (although, like with all things, care must still be taken!). I have chosen the perfect colour and transparency level so you are able to trace designs or simply freestyle.

I have worked hard to ensure that these templates are much better than some other generic shapes on the market. You can't find the hand and foot shapes anywhere else as they are tailored to my own limbs!